We look forward to growing our district kids activities and experiences. If you would like to help out in any way, please contact Shelley Doering, 262-995-7045 or email: sdoering@comnaz.org. We are committed to planning and holding quality events that are worth your time and travel, just like at the local level, you are committed to reaching out to your community and serving the kids of your congregation. It takes more than one though, to plan and direct each event and area. I would challenge all volunteers who are currently serving our kids to find one or two people you can mentor into leadership.

Just think of the overflow of Christ's work that could be done! Volunteers serving the way Christ served, and the kids that would be reached and drawn closer to Him would grow and develop. If we do and serve the way Jesus would want us to, HE will do the saving work only HE can do and it will add to our numbers, daily those who will be saved!! I'm confident in this...

...so...Who Are You Discipling? And Who is Discipling You? Not only are these questions for our personal growth in Jesus, but a means to discover, grow, and develop leaders to continue to serve and reach further than we've reached thus far. No doubt, people grow old and physically can't serve the way they used to, but they have great wisdom and knowledge they can pass on to those who God has given the energy and new/fresh ideas to carry His message to a new generation. Find someone. Mentor them. Disciple them. Serve with them. And then sit back and watch God do amazing things!