SDMI Mission and Vision Statement

Vision Statement:
The WI District SDMI supports the WI District and its local churches in teaching the Word of God, sharing the salvation of Jesus Christ and doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene, and modeling Christlike attitudes, habits and character.

Mission Statement:
1.Engage and Equip the Wisconsin District Body. As a SDMI Council, we believe it is our job to provide insight and guidance to engaging and equipping the church body to reach non-believers. We accomplish this through the following:
    a. We are a resource for local church discipleship groups to drawn upon.
    b. We provide discipleship guides for local churches in the Wisconsin District to make disciples. This includes program agenda, methodologies, bibliography of books, teaching aides, online resources, etc.

2.Participating in the Wisconsin District Body. As a SDMI Council, we believe it is our purpose to help guide and build bonds of Christian fellowship within the Wisconsin District. We accomplish this through the following:
    a.We provide resources and training, as necessary, to develop positive Christian character and dispositions, and to build godly habits.
    b.We develop and lead opportunities, both enlightening and uplifting, for Christian fellowship through various retreats, seminars, and zone functions throughout the Wisconsin district.
    c.We provide resources for local churches to develop effective church members.

3.Changing Lives for Christ on the Wisconsin District. As a SDMI Council, we believe it is necessary to teach the Word of Christ and the doctrines of Holiness and Christian faith, and to expect church members to grow in maturity. We will accomplish this through the following:
    a.We support the changing of lives through activities and programs such as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School (VBS), Continuing Lay Training (CLT), Children's Bible Quizzing, Teen Bible Quizzing, bible studies, Global SDMI emphases', Caravan, etc.
    b.We provide direction to appropriate and available published resources that contribute to the education and instruction of ministry programs and activities.
    c.We encourage participation in designated activities and programs.
    d.We provide guidance and assistance, as requested, for supported activities and programs through Wisconsin district mentors and leaders.
    e.We provide hands-on training to local SDMI directors.